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My Bulimia Story

by Shaye Boddington
(New Zealand)

Shaye - 4 years bulimia free!

Shaye - 4 years bulimia free!

I Am Strong, I Am Beautiful... And, I Can Achieve Anything...

I knew that beating bulimia was a turning point in my life. I knew it symbolized a new strength within me... a power unleashed... This personal triumph made me realize that anything is possible...

You just need to want it more than anything...

My Bulimia Story

I began throwing up when I was just a kid... Back then I wasn't sure why I did it. But now I can see that it was a reaction to all the female role models in my life going on and off fad diets.

I was only 8 years old when my aunty phoned my mom saying that I'd thrown up my dinner... I told them it was just a party trick — and they left it at that. Their reaction made me realise that this 'trick' of mine should be a secret... I'd continue doing it — but would never let anyone know.

As I got older, this secret habit got progressively worse. By the time I was in my teens I had full blown bulimia. I was bingeing and purging up to 15 times a day.

This carried on for years — and even on into adult life and university. During my first year of uni., at the age of 20, I wasted over $20,000 on food from the university cafeteria.

I was a prisoner to Bulimia... It had been all I'd known for over half my life and I'd forgotten how to live without it.

Finally, after having had bulimia for nearly 12 years, I decided enough was enough. I was close to death — I could feel it in every inch of my body.

I needed help — and I reached out.

The Start of My Bulimia Recovery Journey

I stayed up late one night and once my family had gone to bed I hopped on the internet. I got the address of our university counsellor and made an appointment.

1 year later — I graduated from university. I was proud of myself for getting my degree... But there was a deeper pride and strength radiating from within me... I had beaten bulimia.

It had been a long and difficult road — but I'd done it. It had been exactly 1 year since I engaged in any bulimic activity.

I felt free for the first time since I was a child.

It was amazing.

5 Tips To Recover From Bulimia and Find True Happiness...

1) Break the Shame

Try to talk about your bulimia — a problem shared is a problem halved!

2) Look Deeper Than The Bingeing and Purging

Try to discover what triggers your binge and purge cycles... Do you feel anxious, sad or ashamed? Once you've figured out what causes your binges, focus on healing those emotions.

3) Conscious Eating

When you eat, make sure that you don't got onto autopilot. Focus on each and every bite... Focus on the benefits of eating — such as the life and energy you'll get from your food. Try to release any negative thoughts that come along.

4) Don't Diet!

Dieting or depravation is the major cause of eating disorders! Try not to skip meals or cut any foods out completely. Enjoy food — in moderation.

5) Ask For Help...

Bulimia is so much easier to beat when you have help. Please don't try to overcome this alone... A support group or therapist will make it so much easier...

Start Your Journey!

Recovery from bulimia is a difficult, but beautiful journey! You'll come across many challenges — but once you've beaten them the world will look that much more beautiful.

No matter how difficult recovery can be - it is a hundred times easier than living with bulimia... day in and day out.

You can recover from this illness — I promise!

Do You Need Help With Bulimia?

If you're suffering from bulimia, it's important to realize you're not alone! To read more inspirational stories, articles and tips - feel free to visit my website: http://www.your-bulimia-recovery.com

All the love,


P.S. Remember: If I recovered - You can too!

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Nov 22, 2010
Thank you, Shaye
by: Steve

Thanks, Shaye, for sharing your personal (and powerful) story of bulimia, and the dreadful impact it had on your life.

It seems to me - someone who's never suffered from bulimia (or anorexia nervosa), admittedly - that eating disorders are a self esteem issue. Clearly, there are other factors at play too, as you hint at in your story but explain at your great website.

So thanks again, Shaye, for sharing both your struggle and success with us... :-)

And, if you can read more bulimia-related stories at Shaye's site

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