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My biggest teacher by Bobby Seven

by Bobby Seven

Probably as many of you reading this, as a child I found it difficult to lie and even difficult to not say what I was thinking most of the time. I didn't conform too well to the models society perhaps had in place for me, and I always felt that there was something 'more' about myself or different.

I discovered the 'spiritual path' age 20 and instantly knew that this was exactly what I had felt my whole life. I studied the wisdom of the tarot and started to read many books on spirituality. You name it, I read it. I was so excited and enthusiastic about it all, I wanted everyone to join me! Most of my friends started to think I was weird and had smoked one too many joints! In a way there were right, but I was young and it was all new to me.

I had a nervous breakdown age 22 after overloading my system with too much information all at once. I didn't know what was real anymore and I had taken in so many different opinions and reflections of 'what is' that it overwhelmed my own inner guidance. This was a huge lesson for me, not only to walk the path and not run it but also to understand how influenced I was by everything around me. I had no idea I was that sensitive, it was normal to me and I thought everyone was the same. My gift had shown its shadow side.

I toned it down quite a bit and apart from the tarot, I let everything else slip away for a while. It took me a couple of years to really clear and process all that I had taken in but of course now looking back, I can laugh about it and I've learned to love the eagerness of my youth. I continued to study tarot and started to give readings professionally and I became quite popular. The more I practised, the better I got so it seemed.

The recovery process has been immense, with so many different layers and levels of depth to it. It took 1 year for me to feel okay again after the breakdown, but over the years, many things have come up for me in relation to it, things I never imagined would run so deep. Like I said, it has been my biggest teacher in many ways and with hindsight I am grateful. My process of awakening is ongoing and now at the age of 34, I feel that I touch that place of authenticity and truth much more readily and have tapped into my own source.

What i would like to share with people is that most of the life altering awakenings that I've had have come from the crumbling away and destruction of all that was 'untrue' and these processes are usually not so much fun. I know that my life has been turned upside down on a few occasions! I took Reiki attunements in 2009 and it took me to places I never would have imagined possible. That is when my life really changed and I felt able to fully embrace my spirituality again

I know how it feels to be in darkness, looking for your compass, wanting a way out but not knowing how. I want to offer hope and faith to those who are there in that space and that is partly why I'm writing this. Keep the faith and may I tell you that it is worth the struggle.

I now have clients all over the world who come to me for all sorts of reasons, as my readings provide them with guidance that I interpret from their own inner being. That is all we are looking for at the end of the day right, ourselves? My breakdown and all that has come from it over the years has led me to be an expert in dealing with these complex processes. If you'd like to find out more about me and the work that I do, please visit my website


Love light and blessings

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