"Stories" from the Collective (YOU)

My Anger Management Movie Involves the Following Characters...

by Steve

So What Does Being Angry Mean to Me?

Well, off the top of my head, my anger management movie is...

  1. Being 'told off' when you've done nothing wrong
  2. A feeling that nobody is listening to you, and so you can't express yourself
  3. Wondering why, exactly, people do some of the crazy, hurtful things that they do (but being unable to understand)
  4. Listening to stupid people justify their prejudices
  5. Listening to intelligent people justify their prejudices
  6. Worrying about the little guy (versus the big company)
  7. Thinking about the inequalities in the world - women, non-whites, fat people, third world countries, any animal that isn't a human being, "the world, the universe and everything"...

These are my instant thoughts blurted out in two minutes when I think of what makes me angry.

Tomorrow, these thoughts might change.

Because the truth is sometimes I actually do wake up angry, and other days I'm smiley and happy and tolerant, and nothing will 'disturb' me.

I guess dealing with anger is an ongoing process...

But what do you think? Are you okay with anger or do you need anger management help too - now you've read my thoughts? ;-) Do let me know!

And, hey, I'd love it if you shared what makes you angry too! :-)

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