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Murderous Rage or Natural instinct?

by Rudolph

I don't know how this can be inspirational but I often feel the rage to murder people just because of the way most of them behave.

Is this because it's nature to feel this as I'm still an animal like everyone else or just because of the way we are?

I could never go ahead and do what I feel inside as I'd end up in a mental home for the rest of my life tied up in chains and what not so I keep it inside.

This can't be inspiring (as a story) but it is real.

Thanks for sharing your 'real' story, about your very real thoughts. This inspirational quote comes to my mind, now, as I reflect on what you've just shared...

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."
-- Carl Jung

Which leads to this question, doesn't it...

What part of yourself do you wish to 'murder'?

There are reasons why some person irritates us so much that can think the thought that I'd like to 'kill' them. (After all, many others are not affected likewise by this person!) The thing to do, for yourself, is to work out what qualities they possess that irritate you, and then to see whether you also have these qualities (but are in denial of having them).

This is also known as 'shadow work' and is beautifully explained in a book called How to befriend your shadow

So I suggest you investigate these 'urges' you have, Rudolph - they WILL lead to inspirational insights into yourself if you do so.


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