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Monthly Marvel 2013 Sep

by Steve M Nash
(Holmfirth, UK)

Monthly Marvel Online: 26

How to EXPRESS Yourself!...

This is really what being yourself is all about, don't you know - expressing yourself.

And you can express yourself in so many different ways. For example, you can:
  • Share your talents

  • Share your opinions

  • Share your love

See what I mean?

And the thing is, you can't really go wrong when it comes to expressing yourself. Just as long as you do it as fully as you can. Just as long as you 'dance as if no one is watching', so to speak; i.e. you don't care about the opinions of others.

Expressing yourself is really self-love in action.

It is a beautiful thing to behold. As I hope you'll agree when you watch my video below!

I've learnt to express myself more and more, via the SelfHelpCollective website, via the videos I record, and the newsletters I write.

Not everyone agrees with everything I share. But that's okay. It's fine to disagree.

But the thing is, I love sharing like this - it feels like I come alive, especially when I express myself from the heart.

(I love to dance, I love to sing, I love to smile for no apparent reason other than it feels good!)

How about you?

How could you express yourself more, today?

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What's New at SelfHelpCollective.com

Well truth be told I took a month off in August, so not much is new. Oh dear! I think you'll just have to visit the What's New page for the very latest page improvements.

(I had a lovely time doing not much in August by the way!)

Bruce Lee Marvels...

"Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it."

What I Say about Bruce Lee's Quote...

Listen to my thoughts about this inspirational being yourself quote in the video below...

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