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Monthly Marvel - 2013 June

by Steve M Nash
(Holmfirth, UK)

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How Should We Love?...

Hmm, can there be a more challenging question to anyone than this one?

Whether you are falling in love for the first time right now, and all is magical; whether you have been together with your partner for years and years; or whether you are jaded, cynical and out of love with love...

Whoever you are reading this, you want to know how to love. Don't you?

Well, Mark Twain's inspirational love quote really does make it simple (see below). I do my best to confuse things, via my explanation (joke!), but - essentially! - when loving, use your heart not your head!

As I said, I share my views on Mark Twain's quote below.

When The Student Is Ready...

Now I like to think of myself as a student of love! Sounds silly, you might think, but I really am fascinated by love - and not just the narrow confines of romantic love - by its immense power to transform us.

Many think they have conquered love when a) they meet 'the one', get married and love happily ever after or b) they have their first child and feel the overwhelming force of 'unconditional love' for their child, or... or whatever else they think love is meant to be used for as a 'tool' to 'get what they want'.

Love is much, much, much more than any of this.

In fact, we get to live out a whole life so we can understand the enormous range and transformative power of love. But even so, we still only get 1 life's experience - ours!
  • Imagine if you could experience love via each one of the 6 to 7 billion people who are alive right now.

  • Imagine if you could know love from the perspective of everyone who has ever lived

Here's just 2 things I know about love:

1. Love is never 'wrong'

2. Love will ALWAYS surprise you (if you let it)

NOTE: I could come up with a whole list of amazing things about love, given an idle half hour, and make one those blog posts that everyone Likes/Re-Tweets and positively gushes over. But it's sunny outside right now, and in England, when it's sunny, you go outside because you know in the next 20 minutes it could start raining (snowing / hailing...).)

So, anyway, yes, I AM a student of love - advanced level grade, if I might so humbly say!

BUT... but I learnt some new things the other day, whilst reading George Pransky's slightly underwhelmingly titled, The Relationship Handbook.

As Richard Carlson puts it (yes, THAT Richard Carlson):
"[The Relationship Handbook] should be required reading for anyone in a relationship"

I think it was written for those struggling in marriages, but it really is suitable for anyone in any kind of romantic relationship.

It deals with love, and how quite often what we need to do to nurture our relationships goes counter to everything we've ever been told.

I highly recommend you buy this book, that you read it. (And I make no profit from you doing so, other than from receiving 'the coin of good karma' - you wouldn't begrudge me that, would you? ;-)

(Buy the book on Amazon or from Pransky & Associates.)

Seriously, I've read that Men Are From Mars book and others on relationships; George Pransky's book is far superior, far simpler, far more useful...


What's New at SelfHelpCollective.com

I'm busily going through ALL the pages on the site, right now, improving and tweaking as I find.

It's going to take me all year, as I'm just doing 5 to 10 pages per week.

It's not the most exciting thing I've ever done in my life, but it's necessary nevertheless.

So let me share with you a few pages that have been suitably 'improved/tweaked':

* https://www.selfhelpcollective.com/funny-text-messages.html
* https://www.selfhelpcollective.com/relationship-questions.html
* https://www.selfhelpcollective.com/body-image.html

Mark Twain Marvels...

"When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain."

What I Say about Mark Twain's Quotation...

Listen to my thoughts about this inspirational quote about love in the video below...

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