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Monthly Marvel - 2013 January

by Steve M Nash
(Holmfirth, UK)

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I seem to write about the importance of being yourself all the time.

Either I'm writing articles on the subject at EzineArticles.com, or I'm sharing my thoughts on a blog (as a guest writer), or I'm talking about it here at SelfHelpCollective.com.

And it seems such a trite subject to talk about, such an obvious thing to want for anyone, that how could anyone NOT want to be themselves.

Meaning why would anyone want to read (or listen to) words about being yourself?

Well, here I am in the video below, urging you (again) to do just that: to BE Yourself

The reason? We live our lives so 'defended' against painful things - loss, hurt, being wrong... - that we stop ourselves from being who we truly are.

Yes, being yourself is a completely liberating act of living in the moment, as you are in the moment, as if all the other moments in your life NEVER happened. (Scary, huh, and a clear reason why most of us never truly get there, when it comes to being yourself.)

  • Being yourself means being present

  • Being yourself means doing things that feel good for you

  • Being yourself means acting from love rather than fear.

Being yourself means lots and lots of things that you're not doing right now, probably.

And, really, if ever there could be a new year's resolution for all, it surely should be: BE YOURSELF!

HAPPY 2013 to you! And if it's 2014 (or 2015...) when you read these words then Happy 2014 (or Happy 2015...)


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I've just started a full site update - ALL of the pages are going to tidied up, and improved (if necessary). And the first page I started on was the Self Help Collective homepage - hope you enjoy!

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

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Jan 07, 2013
Make a difference
by: Violet

I often ask myself if I can make a difference to others and I do try and leave my friends feeling better than when I first met them.

I really like your interpretations on the Quotes you bring and they always leave me thoughtful.

Thank you

Thank you, Violet - you're very kind to say such things! :-)

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