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Monthly Marvel - 2013 April

by Steve M Nash
(Holmfirth, UK)

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Hmm, in the months of February and March this year (2013) I finally got to visit India - one of those countries that "blows the traveller's mind":
  • It's a country that's so very different from the one I live in, itself peopled by men/women of Indian origin - England!

  • It's a country of people fighting for space, on the roads or off the roads - the world's largest democracy, so called because India's population is 1.3 Billion, give or take!

  • It's a country whose people are genuinely friendly despite all this, despite the obvious signs of poverty (and wealth) everywhere.

So, I'm in India, so whose words of wisdom can I discuss in front of the camera (see below) other than one of the 20th centuries few heroes and world leaders of note, Mahatma Gandhi!

It's that perennial favourite quotation of his about 'being the change' and all that.

I really love this quotation simply because it puts the responsibility of how 'bad' the world is, or how 'good' you want to it to be, firmly in the hands of the observer - i.e. YOU!

How else can the world be a better place without YOU doing your bit to make it so, after all?

What? The death and destruction and despair you see on the news has got nothing to do with you? Well, it has if you focus on it. It has if, when outraged by some event, you do nothing about it. It has if, instead of adding to the doom and gloom, you don't instead turn to your neighbour, and offer them a loving smile.

Yes, it has an awful lot to do with you, my good sir (madam)!

BE the change you want to see in the world. Please. And let 'the world', your world, be a better place because of it...

As for me, how do *I* try to make a difference in the world, well I make Weekly Wonder videos like these that move and inspire and encourage, that's how!...

(And they're not my words, either, but the words of those that have watched a video of mine or two! So ner!)


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Mahatma Gandhi Marvels...

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

What I Say about Mahatma Gandhi's Quote...

Listen to my thoughts about this inspirational change quote in the video below...

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