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Messed Up in Michigan

by Sandy
(Michigan, USA)

I always feel guilty.

I never feel good enough, never adequate.

I feel undeserving of the good things I have.

I don't always believe people when they say nice things about me. I've long grown tired of wondering when I will ever be happy, why I cannot be happy and why, when I truly try to achieve accomplishments in my life, I am still not happy.

When I try to assert myself, I feel like I am perceived as being bitchy.

I am often sorry for everything.

Periods of time in my life where I did feel good and thought I was happy are like splashes of color, along a time line of dark memories.

A New Way of Seeing Self-Esteem?

Steve here, and for the last few years (since Oct 2012, actually) I've been seeing (and thinking about) low self-esteem in a different way. Not as a problem to fix, but as feedback to notice (and nothing more). That's right: nothing to fix, everything to notice. And all this became obvious to me after being introduced to the Three Principles behind life (in Oct 2012).

I created a free 1-page Self-Esteem Guide that explains more, anyway. You can read about it here (NO EMAIL REQUIRED) - SMNash.com/self-esteem-guide/

Thank you - Steve



Comments for Messed Up in Michigan

Jan 12, 2010
Thank you for sharing, Sandy
by: Steve

Thanks so much for sharing this list of low self-esteem symptoms. I must admit they do make grim reading apart from the 'colorful bits' :-)

I have no solutions, alas, other than for you to remind yourself of the 'colour', to continually try to look on the bright side (and thus refuse the habitual comfort of your dark side),and to believe that things can change if you want them to.

I say this because much of your symptoms of low self esteem are/were my own.

Thanks again,

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