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Meche's Personal Goal

I have gained forty pounds within the last year. I continue to try losing it, but I need to stay focused. Therefore I will lose 10 pounds by September 10th 2011 - this is my stated personal goal.

  • I have changed my eating pattern and will do exercise daily.

  • I also will drink lots of water to assist me in losing weight.

  • I will keep this routine as a lifestyle change forever.

And my overall plan is to lose the forty pounds by December 31st 2011. Starting with 10 is where my focus is at this time.

Very good luck to you Meche with the losing weight. Not sure if you're familiar with self-hypnosis, but it's also a very good way to re-program your mind to achieve a specific goal. So a weight-loss hypnosis download, for example, could help change your attitude to eating, exercise and thus losing weight (for the positive) forever...

Successful goal-setting is about doing the things you have to do and doing them first - e.g. eating the frog. And this requires discipline. (It also requires setting goals you actually want to reach.) To help you do both, then, check out this Hypnosis Downloads resource:

Reach your goals once you've decided on them...

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