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Make a Choice to be Happy

by Mercy Adeyanju Mabwe
(Georgia, USA)

Happiness is about making happy choices.

So I make a choice not to lose my happiness because of someone, something or anything.

I get up every morning with an expectation of finding joy and happiness at every interval of my day.

I dont make an excuse for not being happy.

I make a choice to find happiness and help other people to find happiness, too, by being around me.

...Hey, I make these happy choices, so why can't you?


Ps Oh, and why not smile a bit more, too! It's catchy! :-)

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Sep 27, 2011
by: vikki

Your precise and concise example of happiness is excellent! I do agree with you,happiness is very often a CHOICE! Not allowing our expectaions of what should or shouldn't be or how others affect us to stand in our way, stops us from smiling and finding the beauty in life. Of course this goes for everyday life,I realise there are people out there facing unimaginable hardship and misery...but this is still good advise, the power of choices may even help a person to survive such things. And for people who aren't facing horrors or devastation,by remaining positive we have more power to choose and be helpful to those who need it. I appreciate your wisdom as I am feeling a bit blue about a relationship ending,and narrowing things down to making a choice is a great reminder of how to be happy. Thanks Mercy. : ))

Feb 15, 2010
I'm smiling now! :-)
by: Steve

Yes, I'm smiling now Mercy at your great happiness list.

You're an example to us all!

Many thanks for sharing!


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