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Make A Choice To Be Happy (Part 2)

by Mercy Adeyanju Mabwe
(Atlanta GA, USA)

Mercy's happiness list below is more of a definition of happiness, really, and she shows us how to find happiness. It's also a rallying cry to us all to seek the happiness within

Over to Mercy...

Make A Choice To Be Happy

Happiness is finding contentment and sincere gratitude in yourself and the situation you may find yourself in.

Purposefully, refuse to allow anyone or anything to steal your happiness.

Make a conscious decision to find joy and happiness in your everyday situation. Truth is, someone next door, next city, next town, next country or next continent etc. is going through a rougher patch than you are.

Once you closely look at your current situation you will find that there is a window of some happiness if you so wish to explore it.

Come on, take a deep breath, make that cup of tea or coffee and find the happiness in you.

Happiness is within, enough for you and enough for you to share it with those around you.

You hold the key to unlock the joy and happiness that God created for you, even through nature and creation. (It all speaks happiness.)

Make a Choice to Be Happy (Part 1)

Feel happy every day?

Is that even possible, Would you even want to? Well... Why not find out for yourself!

Feel happy every day!

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