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Low Self-Esteem Signs of T

by T
(Ibadan, Nigeria)

T has a big list of low self esteem symptoms, and here they all are for you...

T's Low Self Esteem Symptoms

* I used to find it difficult to project with my voice and I just couldn't express myself well in the presence of people.

* I just didn't believe in myself; neither did I like myself and people's opinion affected me since they were mostly negative.

(This was in my childhood, teenage years & in my twenties.)

* Also I would try to avoid people when I wasn't sure what to say or do because I felt I could make a fool of myself.

* I also often had negative thoughts and wondered why I wasn't someone else. (I still have traces of that but I've made significant process by believing in God's love for me and positive confessions and also laughing off some of my mistakes cos everybody makes mistakes so I don't dwell on it, I simply shake it off and move forward.)

Also now I DON'T compare myself to others, I believe am unique and variety is the spice of life.

These attitudes have helped me to be more confident. I'm still having some difficulty in relating with people (shyness, fear of rejection, trust issues. but still...)


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