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Low self esteem from BDD

by S
(Essex, UK)

My Body Dysmorphic Disorder

For me, my low self esteem symptoms look like this (stemming from BDD):

*Negative thoughts turn into negative actions that turn into negative behaviors

* Self hatred, secrecy, and self-shame

* Having unforgiving/unrealistic expectation of perfection in others

* Forgetting to enjoy life - being depressed

* General feeling of guilt

* Feelings of 'not being good enough', that others are better than me

* Worrying about what others think (about me) too much

1. BDD is explained better here: AnxietyUK.org.uk
2. Self Help Collective has pages on Body image and self image

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May 30, 2011
Thanks for sharing
by: Steve

Thank you so much for sharing these symptoms of low self esteem. I'm sure it is 'painful' to even acknowledge these things to yourself let alone others - others who I'm sure you think have no such issues.

I do hope the sharing has helped you in some small way.

Thanks again,

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