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Love on the Rebound?

by Romance Goddess
(Ashland, Oregon, USA)

Are rebound relationships ever a good idea? There may be plenty of bad reasons for starting a relationship, such as fear of being alone or desperately settling for 'just anyone'. Often times we end up repeating the same relationship mistakes over and over again. Here is one couple's story about how they created a successful rebound relationship...

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...Involved in a "Rebound Relationship"?

"It will never work." "Don't get serious about someone when you're on the rebound." "If you find out your date is on the rebound, RUN don't walk to the nearest exit. The odds of the two of you making it are absolutely NIL!"

Encouraging words? I think not. But that is exactly what D. and I heard from everyone we knew 13 years ago when we first started "dating". Well, it wasn't really like dating because we had been friends for years.

When both of our marriages ended at about the same time, he and I were naturally drawn to one another. Neither of us had any idea how to approach "the dating scene" after being out of circulation for so long. We couldn't imagine going to a singles bar or club and Internet Dating wasn't really around yet.

With our friendship as a solid foundation and so many things in common, (STRONG physical attraction and a wicked sense of humor were high on the list) we embarked on our romantic relationship almost immediately.

When we moved in together "helpful" friends and family were very concerned.

I won't say that we haven't had our ups and downs over the years what with kids, damaging business partners, awkward Ex's and financial challenges. But we have emerged triumphant (D. proposed to me last May!) and expect to continue our fairy tale romance for another 100 years at least!

Our Successful Rebound Relationships Tips

I believe there were several factors that helped us beat the odds (aside from our sparkling personalities and delightful sexual compatibility):

  1. We were already friends.

  2. We were determined to "do it right this time".

  3. We left our previous relationships largely OUT of the equation.

  4. We wanted to create the best love relationship that we'd ever seen.

  5. We intentionally focused mainly on the things we loved about each other.

  6. When one of us was upset about something we would talk about it immediately.

  7. We genuinely appreciated each other and mentioned it often.

  8. We laughed, and laughed and LAUGHED.

I hope that this has helped to encourage you toward your own successful rebound relationships! Believe me, if we can do it, YOU can do it!

You can read more about this here: Rebound Relationships: How to Create Successful Rebound Relationships

As you may have noticed, I'm a big believer in the power of romance. So much so that I've created my own website dedicated to the subject. It's called Romantic-Ideas-Online.com, and it's overflowing with romantic ideas and inspiration infused with an uplifting personal growth message...

Comments for Love on the Rebound?

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Apr 28, 2009
This is about love, actually
by: Steve

This reads like a great story of how to make romance succeed, whether it started out as a rebound relationship or not. Particular tips like, "We intentionally focused mainly on the things we loved about each other".

Why would any relationship - romantic, or friendship - do anything but focus on the positive? But how many of us do just the opposite?

Great stuff, and congratulations on the impending wedding. Do let us know how it all goes... :-)


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