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Long Distance Relationships

by Megan
(Minnesota, USA)

I'm looking for some long distance relationships advice, specifically how to prepare for my relationship becoming a long distance relationship. Can anyone help me with questions I need to ask myself, and my partner?...

QUESTION: Help With Long Distance Relationship...

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I am in my first healthy, mature relationship with someone and we have been dating for over 2 months now.

I knew from the start he would be leaving to serve our country for 6 months, but I am wondering: what kind of questions should I be asking myself, and him for that matter, if we are going to make a long distance relationship work?




This inspirational relationship quote came to my mind, when I read your question Megan:

"Love doesn't know its own depth till the hour of separation"
-- Kahlil Gibran

So, yes there are many questions you could ask both yourself and this man (e.g. do I love him? Do I want to be in this relationship? Does he love me? How will we support each other during this period? How will we include each other? Will this separation change our feelings for each other?...) but maybe - if love is there between you - then this separation (that you knew would come) could be the making of your relationship.

Maybe 'preparing yourself' for this separation like this, via a series of questions answered, is not necessary at all. Maybe you just need to trust all will be well with you both; believe that this is what your relationship needs right now.

I'm sure others may well have a different view, though, and encourage all to share - whether they agree with me, or not.

Thanks, Megan, and good luck to you and this man both in the coming year.



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