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Limits of Lesbian Love?

by C

I need help with my fem to fem relationship. I love my girlfriend so much, but both of us have conformed into heterosexual relationships, and both getting married soon. Both of us don't really want this - what can I do?...

QUESTION: Need Help With My Fem to Fem Relationship?...


I am very much in love with my girlfriend, and we are both females.

She got married recently, and I'll be getting married soon - heterosexual relationships. But still we are madly in love with each other, despite the fact that we are no longer together - I live in the Philippines, and she's now in the US with her husband.

She told me that she's not complete (without me) and I know exactly what she means and feels. We are just following the right track (getting married) as our relationship is a secret. To the people around us we are just best friends.

We are killing ourselves not being together now, but we need to do this. What is the right thing to do? We both feel miserable doing what we don't really like. What we want is to be together again in the future.

Please help me how to deal this - I am really crazy without her.


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