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Liara's Inspirational Story

by Liara Covert
(Melbourne, Australia)

Liara from blog.dreambuilders.com.au shares her ongoing spiritual journey with us: a journey that looks at struggle as another word for resistance; a journey where happiness is available at any moment in time, unconditionally; a journey where everyone is a student and also a teacher.

An inspiring journey to say the least, and I thank Liara M. Covert, Ph.D. (to use her full name) for sharing it with us...

1) Tell us a bit about yourself

During early stages of my life, I grew up conditioned to think in a linear fashion, that is, to assume studies in particular disciplines would lead to internships and permanent jobs in the same areas. I know people who have had the same job all their lives. Yet, life experience repeatedly teaches me this is not everyone’s destiny.

For me, struggle is another word for resistance. Life experience teaches me that whenever I feel like I struggle, then I am going against the flow of what is and what I am meant to do. At different stages of my life, I have experienced obstacles and initially interpreted them as doors that were temporarily closed to me. There was a period when I felt, ‘if at first you do not succeed, try-try again.’

Now, as I step back, I realize perceived frustration is simply a gentle nudge from the universe to get me back on track. Emotions are a dependable gauge that guide me to sense blessings and advantages in every situation. This is part of a process of expanding insight into love and self- acceptance. To be at peace with myself is a sign I am in the right place. To feel anything else sends another message. Everything in life is set up to achieve balance.

Sometimes people forget they have free will, and that every experience is a choice with different purposes. You learn ever choice is an opportunity to gain valuable insight into why you think and feel as you do. You also gain transferable skills from situations that do not turn out as you initially assume or hope they will. A sense of where I am right now comes from taking steps to get-to-know myself. This enables me to heal the body physically, emotionally and mentally and learn what it means to unleash the inner child.

2) Share an 'angry' story or tell us what's in your happiness

No things per se "make me happy." Some people believe happiness is something you pursue or, a sensation you feel briefly as you achieve particular goals. I sense happiness is my core state. I know joy in being present at a given moment.

This experience originates in the heart.

Joy expands as I open up to something beyond my sense of self.

As you move from a mental place of polarity to reconnect with the heart (unity consciousness), you feel connected with everything. It's beyond words. An inner perspective enables me to know blessings come what may. Rather than worry, or struggle to find reasons to be happy, I realize I have a choice every moment to align with what I am and be happy or not. Empowering others is meaningful and enriching, but my core happiness just is.

3) Share a favourite inspirational quotation.

"The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind." -- Khalil Gibran

In my mind, everyone is a student and also a teacher. This quote reminds everyone they have abilities to help themselves, to answer their own questions.

Throughout your life, you encounter people who draw your attention to things about you forgot about yourself.

4) Share a favourite website (not your own)

Admittedly, I visit many sites and could not really choose a favourite. Each one has something to offer.

* Soul meets world is one site that offers regular quotes and reflections that encourage visitors to reframe wherever they perceive themselves to be so they can grow from it.

* Walking in Stillness is a blog of personal reflections that prompt increasing openness and expanding self-awareness. The author of this blog also has a bird and wildlife photography site. It invites visitors to reconnect with nature. He is currently finishing a 2,650km hike through the Pacific Coast Trail from Mexico to Canada.

* Selfgrowth.com is another blog with articles about a variety of topics concerning health and well-being. It is also useful for networking and sharing insights.


5) Tell us about your blog/website

My site: http://blog.dreambuilders.com.au

The Dreambuilders Australia Blog is constantly changing. It is all about believing and trusting in yourself. This site offers insights to awaken different levels of awareness. It encourages people to prepare inwardly for changes. The posts cover a variety of self-help topics, from dreams and value tales to mystical experiences and ideas to expand conscious awareness of how you think and feel. Visitors are encouraged to embark on an inner journey of what they really are and what life is really about. One of the more recent threads that is increasingly popular is about 2012 and perception of ongoing transitions. Visitors express how they are learning to rethink reasons for their fear. They are invited to explore techniques, interviews and other ways to deal with impermanence and uncertainty.

I take pleasure in the metamorphosis of this blog platform. To some degree, it is like an extension of myself. It offers ~2000 free articles that provoke thought and dialogue. The site offers paid services such as dream analysis and paid book reviews. Visitors also have options to buy learning tools such as e-books (Expand Consciousness Now and Soul Work: 50 Exercises o align mind, body & spirit) and a hardcover book (Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within). A monthly mentorship and teaching membership option is also to be made available. There is a wealth of insight and links to radio interviews. A blogroll and other tools offer many options to empower readers during their ongoing journey to increasing health, wellness and oneness. Feedback and comments are always welcome.

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Oct 14, 2009
Thanks for sharing your insights, Liara, and...
by: Steve



What can I say, except to comment that the way you've described your journey has shone a light on where I hope to be journeying soon.

And I really love your philosophy of everyone being both teacher and student. Nice way of putting it.


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