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Kyla's Anger Management Help

by Kyla Blairs

This is not about my own anger management movie, rather how we all have 'problems' with dealing with anger.

My Anger Management Help

One of the problems we seem to have in our culture with anger is that it is classed as being a negative emotion. The mind doesn't like negatives and tries to avoid anything associated with it. Therefore when we feel angry, sad, grumpy, mad, grief, etc, we do our best to 'get rid of it' as fast as possible.

And, of course, what we resist persists.

Just like a battery, we have both positive and negative energy flowing through us, neither one is better than the other - the mind simply likes to judge them that way.

So when you stop and allow an emotion to be there, just observing it, without judgement, it will pass through of its own accord, and often quite quickly.

Another thing that I remind myself when I am feeling any emotion, positive or negative, is to remove the story of why I am feeling it.

So if I am feeling anger, and I have a story that someone did something that made me angry, I say to my self something like "Can I allow that memory to be the memory that it is?" It's a decision, so I can then let it be. And I will persist with this whilst my mind keeps trying to bring up the story.

Sometimes, it will seem like a mental shift, when I watch the story disappear into the background and simply allow the energy to be there in this body, and suddenly it passes.

Remember you are not your emotions, just as you are not your thoughts. They are all simply passing through like the clouds in the sky. Have you every noticed that the sky does not get upset about the clouds being there?

Simply witness the emotions, nothing to do or change, simply witnessing, observing them.


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Jun 21, 2010
Powerful stuff!
by: Steve

This is all great stuff to read, Kyla - I simply love the idea of 'removing the story'.

I also like the idea that anger is just an emotion - neither bad nor good - and it should be watched, not resisted.

This may be common knowledge to some, but I'm not sure people are really DOING this kind of thing actively in their lives. I know I'm not...

So many thanks! :-)

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