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Jayne's personal goal is tolerance

by Jayne

1. Learn to be more tolerant
2. To put my energy into where it is needed
3. To write my book

Thanks for sharing, Jayne, but strictly speaking your goals are not SMART enough; i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Based.

E.g. When will you write your book by? What will it be about? How much time will you spend writing it each day or week? When will you start? Why do you want to write it? Etc.

Making goals smart goals, like this, makes each goal more real and more important (to you) and therefore much more likely that you'll achieve it.

Well, that's the theory anyway! :-) Would love to know how you get on with these personal goals, anyway.


Successful goal-setting is about doing the things you have to do and doing them first - e.g. eating the frog. And this requires discipline. (It also requires setting goals you actually want to reach.) To help you do both, then, check out this Hypnosis Downloads resource:

Reach your goals once you've decided on them...

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