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Is He Cheating On Me?

by NB

I'd like some help with my relationship with my man, especially as it seems to be being played out a little on Facebook. I'm suspicious of his contact with 2 of his exes...

QUESTION: Is He Cheating On Me?...


Is he cheating on me?

I have been dating this guy for 10 months. Last week there was some drama involving two other women on Facebook. They both posted that he had been calling them trying to give them money.

He then went on Facebook and claimed that he has not spoken to them.

He called me over explaining things about these women and come to find out they are both exes of his. One of the other women claimed that she had text messages to prove he has been calling her offering her money.

They were arguing back and forth on Facebook like they are the ones in the relationship, not me. My boyfriend assured me that he has not spoken to them, but why would they make this up?

Then last night he did something very questionable by asking who the finest female on Facebook is.

If he is in a relationship with me, then why is he worrying about who the finest female is on Facebook? I feel like dumping this guy but I want some feedback and opinions.


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"The truth that survives is simply the lie that is pleasantest to believe."
-- H. L. Mencken

No-one can know if this man or that woman is lying to you or anyone, OTHER than the person themselves.

Now, clearly, there are signs to look out for. And, to quote from Paula Renaye's hardline self-help wisdom here, the clearest sign is HOW YOU FEEL!

Repeat: what you should be trying to trust, here, are your feelings on the subject. Otherwise, as the relationship quote I've included suggests, perhaps you are just looking for enough 'evidence' (provided by others) to justify ending this relationship without it actually being your decision, based on your feelings.

Your feelings count most! So, do YOU think he's cheating on you?

Also, this 'who is the finest female on Facebook?' thing (ah, where would be all be without the joys of 'Facebook friendships'?) is a bit of nonsense that you can either be offended about or not.

Remember: the real issue is what you feel about this man, specifically whether you think he has your best interests at heart or not?

Wish you well trusting your instincts here



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