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In Gratitude to my Grandparents

by Pearl Degboe
(Cape Coast, Ghana)

Sometimes we need help to overcome what life throws at us. And Pearl gives thanks to her Grandparents for doing just that. And, now, she urges us all to never stop dreaming...

(STORY THEME: Overcoming Difficulties)

Being the first born of my parents it has not been easy. Fortunately, I spent all my years with my grandparents: they showed me love and care and I've never felt bad in anyway. So when high school finished and I had the chance to enter university, I was so happy.

But two years into my education at the university I broke up with my boyfriend, which was more than a big blow to me. Ugh! Thank God my grandfather was there for me. He gave me all the support that I needed and now I am a graduate and working with a TV station in Cape Coast.

Yes life's been good - especially considering all the heartbreaks and the attempted suicide. And life could be good for you too, so hold on to your dreams because when dreams die life is not worth living.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on life so far, Pearl. I also think it's important to have dreams and really believe you can achieve them, too. That way lies fulfillment. And Napoleon Hill agrees, too, it seems...

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." -- Napoleon Hill
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And for any people reading Pearl's story who feel that life is just too much right now, please read this powerful message on suicide, first!

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