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Increasing self-confidence is as simples as...

Well , it's as simple as listening to the wisdom of Jeff Smith's "Improve Self Confidence - 10 Powerful Confidence Boosters" as shared by me (see video below), and taking action on what you learn. Jeff Smiths tips to improve self confidence include:

  • Realising that you are not alone;
  • Focusing on what you are good at; and
  • 'Faking it until you make it'.

Jeff does a great job, and his thoughts will help you improve your self confidence! Well, I think so - let's see if you do!

As to you, do you know more than you think about how to develop self confidence? Why not tell us about your 'how to boost self confidence' tips, eh! Thanks.



Improving Self Confidence

What I say...

Well, I'm a big fan of developing self confidence and have been ever since I 'discovered' I was a shy teenage boy. My methods may not have been the kindest (to me) or wisest, but I resolved to take action, action, action, in challenging my low self confidence.

And I did this by... talking to women in nightclubs, whenever I got the chance!

(You can see how unkind it is to force someone to approach people who pretty much don't want to be approached! But it at least stimulated my 'give it a go' muscle...)

Nowadays, I try to reach out to women and men alike - try to connect, to get to know; I speak in public when I get chance; and I believe in my own confidence, even if I have a 'bad day' sometimes.

And that's because...

"With confidence, you can reach truly amazing heights;
without confidence, even the simplest accomplishments
are beyond your grasp."
-- Jim Loehr

I'd now actually go further than Jim Loehr and say that self-confidence is about allowing your true self to shine - come what may! So having low self confidence not only stops us from having the friends that we want but it stops us fully enjoying ALL that life has to offer us.

An improved self-confidence comes from taking right and relevant actions (and watch the video below for examples thereof), but I can also recommend a little bit of active self-reprogramming too, a.k.a. self-hypnosis a la!

Hey, now you really do not have any excuse for low self-confidence!...



What Jeff Smith has to say...


NOTE: Jeff Smith's self-confidence website is



What this recommended resources say...

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