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"I Love This Inspirational Quote by Hendrix"

by Steve M Nash
(Yorkshire, England)

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."
-- Jimmy Hendrix

This is a powerful inspirational life quote for the world at large, really, and in the YouTube video below Laura Love explains the meaning of this great inspirational quote in a loving relationship.

This is Laura's website - Love Quotes and Quotations - and it's worth a visit!

(By the way, the Self Help Collective is stuffed full of inspiring quotes and happiness quotes - but then I think you know this already! Well you do now, anyway! :-))

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Aug 01, 2012
"The world"
by: Steve

And this quote takes on an even more 'power'-ful connotation when you think of the world as it truly exists for each and every one of us:

The world = OUR world

So when WE let the power of love overcome our love of power (need for control, etc.) then our world (the world) will be a better place.

So much more relevant don't you think for us to look at ourselves as being responsible for this rather than to look outside ourselves and blame others.

Just my updated thoughts on this Hendrix quote (1st Aug, 2012)


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