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I Keep Silent When Angry

by Rizwan Ul Haq
(Dubai, UAE.)

I need anger management help

When I am extremely angry I keep silent, which makes me miserable.

Am I a coward?

I want to know how to overcome this anger management problem because everybody attached to my life takes advantage of this weakness - the weakness of saying nothing but staying angry.

And these people understand my weakness, too.

Just as they know that I am more powerful than they are too.

What can I do?

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Jun 08, 2010
That's a great virtue
by: Luke

Dear Rizwan,

I will rather see it as a virtue than a weakness. When I am angry, I either stammer or walk away. This has save me from countless regrets as I have the tendency to say or do nasty things I regret thereafter.

As a matter of fact, it took me some time to train and condition my mind to do this consistently. I have also let people around me know that when I start stammering, it means my emotional temperature is high and I need not be pushed any further.

It has been working for me and saving me from untold troubles.

I hope this helps

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