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I Don't Have a Very Happy Life...

by Anonymous

A 200 word mini-rant about an unhappy life with no time for pausing for breath. The cause? Family.

So read this anonymous story (mostly un-edited) to see how familiar this unhappy tale feels for you... (And see if you, too, can recognise 'God's plan'!)

(Story theme: UN-happiness)

I don't have a very happy life cause I live with my mom and it stresses me everyday

Not a day goes by when I don't get stressed

Best I can do is stay in my room and keep myself locked up till I get out of here, and I know this really sad cause no one should have to stay in their room due to family drama

I am so unhappy I plan on moving out - me and my man are getting a place - and I am going to have such a better life and there is going to be peace and quiet cause no one is going to be around but me and him

So once I move out of here I will find happiness again

And how sad is it to have a family that puts you down all the time and dogs you to your face

So once I get out of here will call my mom and check on her till everybody moves out, and then I will come around and see her but not till then till everythang changes

But I know my life is going to get better

And I thank God that He has a plan for me, no doubt

Thanks and God bless

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Oct 26, 2010
I hear you!
by: Brandy

My darling I feel for you so. Family is toughest to eachother. We know how to hurt the ones we love. I emphasize the word KNOW.

I am currently living with my mother in law to be and its been very difficult, especially because I haven't known her my whole life. So being thrusted into her home I know she felt invaded. Thisis my current situation but I want to share a little of my past.

I never lived with my own mother growing up because she had chosen drugs over her only little girl. I was placed with my aunt and uncle. In a nutshell my Aunt was never thrilled with my presence so I understand completely when you say, 'no one shold hide aways because of family drama'. I felt as if I was a stranger to them. It took me MANY years to realize I could no longer blame myself for being put there. Its life.

I appreciate that you still have compassion for your mother and whatever her situation is. I hope the best for you and your love may you both find saftely and happiness!
Thank you for sharing

Feb 22, 2010
What Can I say but "Wow!"
by: Steve

Thank you so much anonymous poster for this incredible insight into your (unhappy) life.

I love it! I love it, because you (or God) has a plan. And that plan includes taking care of yourself, first and foremost, but then making sure you then take care of your Mom (from a position of safety).

I love it - seeing self-love AND love in action.

Good luck to you on your journey, and if you ever get to read these words in the future then please do leave some comments below to tell us how it goes. :-)


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