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Hypnotherapy Does NOT Solve Your Problems

by Jon Rhodes

Sorry to say this folks, but it is true – hypnotherapy does not solve your problems for you.

You will NOT listen to a hypnotherapy session and automatically all your life's problems are solved. Contrary to some claims, hypnotherapy does NOT perform miracles either. In a minute I will discuss what hypnotherapy can do, but first I want to discuss with you what hypnotherapy can't do.

What hypnotherapy cannot do
Hypnotherapy cannot MAKE you change. If your partner nags you to quit smoking and you reluctantly visit a hypnotherapist, then this is likely to fail. I have seen this many times. After the session you are likely to feel no different, and continue to smoke. Do you know why?

It is because you didn't want to quit smoking. Since you did not want to quit, you easily resisted the suggestions the therapist gave you. They went in one ear and out the other. Many people think that hypnotherapy can make a person quit, but this isn't the case. For a session to be successful, you must want the change. This gives you a fighting chance of succeeding.

You must work with the hypnotherapy, not against it. After your quit smoking session you may decide to test it out and light up a cigarette. Know what will happen? You will light up a cigarette and smoke it. Hypnotherapy will not make the cigarette automatically fall out of your mouth, or make it physically impossible to smoke. You must still take responsibility for the change you are trying to implement.

Another point worth noting is that hypnotherapy cannot perform miracles. Normal physical rules of the universe still apply. So a person cannot eat themselves silly and lose 14 pounds of weight in a week. That's just physically impossible, no matter what claims you might read. It also won't give you telepathic powers, which is something I have recently been asked about.

What hypnotherapy can do
Hypnotherapy does provide a means to communicate better with the subconscious mind. This is where our automatic habits and urges stem from.

It is because of your subconscious mind why you can be so petrified of a spider – to the point of it feeling life threatening. On a conscious level you know this does not make sense, but your subconscious mind doesn't know this. It is likely your subconscious was programmed when you were a child watching other people react to them with fear.

This programming needs reversing. A hypnotherapist can communicate with your subconscious mind and persuade it that it does not need to fear spiders so much. If you want this change and are prepared to try a little, then your chances of success are good.

During a hypnotherapy session, your conscious mind is relaxed, allowing for greater access to your subconscious mind. There you can communicate and attempt to persuade it to change. If successful, a person can quickly be persuaded to change a deep ingrained subconscious habit. So the urge to smoke can be reduced subconsciously. As long as a person does not consciously go against this, then they have an improved chance of quitting.

Final thoughts
Hypnotherapy will not do everything for you. However it will help you to help yourself. It makes change and growth easier to achieve. It helps eliminate negative programming from your past.

However you must not put the sole responsibility on the hypnotherapy. You must want the change and you must put some effort into the change you want to make. Hypnotherapy will give you a helping hand, but will not do everything for you.


Jon Rhodes is UK clinical hypnotherapist who runs HypnoBusters.Com. You can try hypnotherapy for free at his website by clicking on this following link – Free Hypnotherapy Mp3s.

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