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How To Overcome Fears - Understand, Then Act!

by Steve M Nash
(Yorkshire, England)

In short, taking action cures our fears!

Or, to elaborate a little bit, you must first...
  1. Understand what fear you have - recognise it, in the first place! - and determine what causes this particular fear, and what you need to do to overcome it.

    So, take me for example and overcoming fear of intimacy. If I wanted to really get to grips with this fear one thing I could do is read the definitive book on the subject called, Seven Levels of Intimacy. Matthew Kelly's best-selling book well and truly covers the topic of overcoming fear of intimacy (Of course, I'd still need to take actions - actions as suggested by Matthew's book!)

    Overcoming fear of public speaking - that dry mouth, fast heart, sweaty palms, and blank mind feeling - yes I've been there, too, and one solution lies in reprogramming your mind via hypnosis (a la Hypnosis Downloads). (Knowing the basics of public speaking and the fear behind it also helps too!)

    Overcoming fear of driving is simply a matter of visiting the DrivingFear.com website, I'm reliably informed. I don't suffer from this fear so can't really comment.

    For overcoming fear in general, maybe you need to do some 'work' on yourself first. Maybe you need to:

    - Understand the spiritual nature of fear (a la Guy Finley)

    Or, maybe you simply need to read more about how to overcome fears at Henrik Edberg's excellent Positivity Blog.

    The thing is, whatever fear you want to overcome - and check out this list of most common fears, if your particular fear isn't listed above - there is an 'antidote' to it, a course of action to take. And once you know it...

Then you must...
  1. Take relevant action!

    And most of the resources above also provide you with the necessary action to take.

    I find sharing my fears, as I do on this website, a great way to act, initially - to take that first step! So I encourage you to do the same. Share how you overcome your fears - it will both help you, and those that read it! Thanks.

Remember: taking action is the best cure-all for any fear!

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