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The secret to happiness is doing one (or more) of the following...

  • Thinking of the welfare of others
  • Choosing gratitude
  • Listening to music that inspires you
  • Making sure you rest well
  • Doing things that energise and please you

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Living in the moment is a good way to be happy, too. As is writing about (or reading) happiness - that's what I say, anyway. But you'll also find interesting 'happy thoughts' from a VideoJug video as well as Gale from

And I continue sharing part of my own 'finding happiness' thoughts, too. So all you have to do is buckle up, and enjoy the ride...

Oh, if you'd like to share your thoughts what makes you happy then please do.



How to be Happy

What I say about happiness in 2017...

Hmm, happiness is an inside job, it comes from within and can NEVER depend on circumstances or behaviours (like being grateful) or anything other than acceptance of "what is" this moment.

Happiness is innate. Just like smiling. And if there is any doing to be done, it is more an 'undoing'...

Hmm, not too catchy! Er... I explain much more how to be happy at sister site -


What I (used to) say - see rest of this page...

Here are some questions about happiness I've had in my life, and I'm sure you have too:

  • What is happiness?
  • Can money buy happiness?
  • And, a little more obscurely, what is the art of happiness?

Interestingly, I now believe that knowing how to be happy has nothing to do with knowing what the answers to these questions are.

To me, there are no happiness tests. Authentic happiness just is. You can see it in a happy person's smile. You can hear it in their voice. You can sense how their happiness touches every aspect of their life.

Bad things happen to this person. Good things happen, too. And, throughout, they are happy.

So, finding happiness? Well, happiness really is an attitude - so adopt the attitude.

So my secret to happiness boils down to 2 simple steps:

  1. Recognise that you are not happy, in the first place. So don't settle, for example, simply because everyone else is settling! Choose to live your life with your own ingredients - ones that make sense to you!

  2. Then choose to be happy, instead. Simples.

So am I happy, then? Well, I'm getting there. I'm getting to the place where I choose to be happy; a place where I believe I deserve happiness.

And, thankfully, there's room inside this 'happy place' for all of us...



How to find happiness - what Gale from has to say

Everyone wants to know how to be happy, right? So how come happiness is so elusive to so many people? It really all boils down to one thing. Yes, really, just one thing: You have to consciously decide to make being happy your number one priority.

In every moment in your life you have the choice to make it a happy one or not. Most people spend more time picking out an outfit or making dinner than they do on their own happiness. When you get your priorities right your whole life will change and you will automatically make different choices. You will:

  • Choose to be with happy positive people instead of those who bring you down
  • Choose uplifting TV shows instead of CNN disasters or mind numbing reality programs
  • Choose appreciation instead of complaining
  • Choose letting go instead of always having to be right or in control
  • Choose fun and adventure instead of the same old routine
  • Choose your happiness over EVERYTHING

You have the opportunity to be happy in every moment - make the decision to be happy right now and watch what happens!

To learn more about finding and making happiness your number one priority, visit (link not available)
Thank you.

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