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How Journaling Helped Me to Get to Know Myself Better and Evolve

by Sarah Williams
(Berlin, Germany)

I got started on journaling about 8-9 years ago when I watched a video of some multi-millionaire who made his money in the financial services sector (selling investments, insurance products etc.) and he was doing a speech on stage about building wealth. He came up to the podium as the guest speaker that night and began his talk. Everyone was expecting him to teach them the newest / hottest investment strategy, or some new sales tactics on how to sell clients on investment products but instead he went into this big speech about journaling!

Everyone thought he was crazy but he was totally serious and totally convinced that the absolute most important thing he could teach this massive group of people in the audience that night was to start journaling.

I have no idea who this person was but I still remember some of the words he spoke that day. He said things like “If your life is worth living, it’s worth recording.” He said “If you live your entire day, from morning to the evening and during that 12-16 hours that you’re awake in that day you haven’t done a SINGLE thing of value, a single important or interesting thing, you haven’t seen or learned anything new or important, you haven’t laughed at a joke or you haven’t said or heard anything neat then and only then you wouldn’t have anything to write in a journal because your life is totally boring. However, if your life is so boring then you should really start writing in your journal about how you are going to evolve and make your life less boring so even then you’ve got something to write.” I thought it was rather humorous.

A few days later I started a small journal where I wrote down my thoughts. I kept it up for a few more days and then stopped writing. I picked up writing in the journal again a while later and then stopped again. In the last 7 months I’m averaging 2 full size pages of writing per day in my journal (although I don’t write every day, so the days I do write I write more than 2 pages).

It is very difficult to describe the benefits of journaling to someone who doesn’t journal. Once you read a journal of yours from 2 years ago you’ll see what I mean. Just imagine if I took all of the photographs of you that exist in the world. I took every picture that was ever taken of you throughout your life from the day you were a baby until now. Your baby pictures, your school pictures, your vacation pictures, perhaps even your wedding pictures. Now lets say that I put all those pictures in a box and was going to light them on fire and burn them and forever they would be lost. How would that make you feel?

Probably not very good, right? Why? Because our pictures are important to us, they document our lives and they give us a glimpse to the past which empower us to live the present. I recommend you to buy the nicest journal you can afford and start your journaling adventure today. Keep it private to let your thoughts go with the flow.

About the Author:
I'm Sarah Williams. I'm a freelance writer that is passionate about self-development. I share my thoughts on Wingman Magazine . After all, I'm just a hopeless romantic trying to figure it all out

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