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How I Overcome My Fears

by Mercy Adeyanju Mabwe
(Georgia, USA)

This is how I overcome my fears...

1. I have learnt to let go of circumstances and facts I cannot change.

2. I face my obstacle step by step, never running away from it.

3. I seek council, too, to gain knowledge on how best to handle the situation.

4. And then I leave the rest to God to complete.

So deal with your fears the best way you can. Do not try to escape them. And take it one day at a time, and step by step.

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Feb 09, 2010
Great ways to overcome fear
by: Steve

Hi Mercy

I love your step-by-step approach to overcoming fears - a lesson to us all, for sure.

Thanks for sharing. Would love to hear back from you later in the year to see what progress you're making! :-)


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