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How Crissy 'Does' Men...

by Crissy
(Huddersfield, UK)

Okay, this isn't a story, exactly, rather it's a question about dating men that leads to certain stories playing out over and over again.

It was sent to me (Steve, editor of SelfHelpCollective.com) from a woman called Crissy who first got in touch with me after subscribing to my free 7 Ways to Access Your Greatness program.

And it's an example of the relationship questions and answers you'll find at our Relationship Advice Forum

So I'll share her question, and then I'll share my brief answer, and let you think how this question/answer might play out in your life, might create so many unnecessary stories...



Crissy doesn't do 2nd/3rd best nor emotionally unavailable men very well :-)

What does it mean to choosing emotionally unavailable men and or men that seem to place me 2nd/3rd place in their lives??

Now I know I'm important and I do value myself. I just notice this has been a pattern of mine and I wish to prevent it happening again...

Crissy :-)

Theory. We all have the capability to cheat, to be faithful, to put our lover first (or last), to be fun, to be miserable etc.

The other person simply draws out of us what we're comfortable having drawn out of us...

Which means you meet a variety of men, but decide to draw out of each of them the trait of putting you second. So the question is thus not why do you meet the wrong men, but why do you draw the wrong things out of the right men?

Why do you think you deserve that experience and nothing better?..

By the way, even the right man can have the wrong thing drawn from him at times, or behave 'less' due to his issues.

The trick, then, is to give the person some slack - we all goof, don't we, from time to time - and NOT think the worst. In fact thinking the best is a much strategy...


What do you think to my 'theory' of human interactions?

What do you think to Crissy's story?

Please share your views in the comments section, below - thanks!


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Sep 05, 2017
updates 😊
by: Crissy

I think looking back, it's me that didn't value myself enough and looked for my worth in them. They saw a label on my forehead, which read: "This one's easy to manipulate and aims to please. I'll take advantage of that, who wouldn't?"
Now that i give more value, worth and love to MESELF, I don't have this problem. I dont look for anyone to show or make me feel that i matter, I do that for Myself! 😃


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