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And, what has self-help got to do with 'work from home business success'?

Well, these are good questions. That I intend to answer in full on this page:

  • And that's what this work from home business success page is all about - how 'work from home' can be of massive benefit to 'self help'!

  • You'll read my own thoughts on running a work from home business, in text and video form

  • I'll discuss some possible home business ideas; and, finally...

  • I'll share a business success tool I recommend.

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And after all that, hopefully I'll have answered the questions above... you may even decide to try your hand at your own work from home business success, who knows.

Fact is, I can't think of many things more self-empowering than being able to work when you want, where you want, and for who you want (i.e. yourself).



Home Based Businesses Success Ideas

What I say...

Now it just so happens that I know a thing or two about home based business success.

That's right, since 2000 I have worked at home, and earned my living whilst doing so (from creating, and maintaining helpful websites - like SelfHelpCollective.com).

Sometimes I've earned $$$LOTS and sometimes I've earned $little, but I haven't worked for anybody but myself since July 2000. (I don't go to work in pyjamas if that's what you're thinking by the way - I wear jeans, and other casual clothes - but I do decide my own hours, which is maybe even better than wearing pyjamas to work!)

But just because I'm a 'home based business success' does not mean I know anything about...

  • 'at home daycare', or
  • 'dog walking' or even
  • being a business coach
    (for more business ideas watch the video below!)

No, my work from home business success stems from what is known as 'information publishing' (I call it web publishing).

Add a little splash of affiliate marketing (partnering with the likes of Amazon.com, say, and SiteSell.com), a tiny drop of web design and writing skills and say a big THANK YOU to Google for creating Google Adsense (a way for website owners to make money from advertising) and that's me - Steve M Nash, The Web Publisher.


Success Does Not Come Easy...

This home based business success is not easy, mind! All you have to do is look at this motley collection of words that people everyday look for on Google...

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to realise that there is a great need out there for the right 'opportunity'. And, unfortunately, this need is most often not being met!

Still, home based business success IS possible. You just need determination, stick-to-it-iveness and belief - summed up via the words "positive attitude", I guess! Yes, many of the qualities you can develop here at the Self Help Collective (as long as you put what you learn into action!)


Success Is Possible, Though...

So what do I recommend you do for your own home based business success?

Hmm, there are many ways to skin a cat, if you'll pardon the expression. Success - any kind - depends on what skills you have, what skills you're prepared to get, and with how much focus and determination you then apply those skills.

Personally speaking, I like the web publishing business model. It's not hard to learn how to build a website (or how to market it) and there are online business success tools that can let anyone build a successful website, with no web-building skills whatsoever. But, if you were to twist my arm, then I'd have to point you in the direction of SiteSell.com's SBI! (Solo Build It!) - as it allows anyone with Brain, Attitude and Motivation (BAM) to convert their passion or interest into an extra income online. (I explain more below.)

But I do share other business ideas in this video below as well as what's both good and bad about working from home...



What I say on YouTube...




Recommended business success tools - what SBI! says...

So now let me elaborate, a little, on a recommended business success tool that goes by the name of SBI!. SBI!, or Solo Build It!, is what I like to call 'an all-in-one internet business building software service' and its owned and operated by Canadian company SiteSell.com.

SBI! is the service that powers SelfHelpCollective.com.

SBI! is a business success tool because it quite literally guides you, step by step, into building your very own successful website (which then becomes a successful web business) - whilst also providing you with ALL the tools you need to do that, all in one place.

If you are at all interested in developing a home based business success story as a web publisher, then SBI! may well be the 'self-help tool' for you.

The following collection of links will help you find out for yourself:

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