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Holding on to Happiness and Spreading It

by Mercy Adeyanju Mabwe
(Atlanta GA, USA)

NOTE: Mercy's happiness is more her definition of happiness than anything else. And Mercy wants us to be happy even when we don't feel in the mood...

Holding on to Happiness and Spreading It
by Mercy Adeyanju Mabwe

What do you do when you are faced with a situation or circumstance that does not allow you to express your happiness? Maybe you just lost a loved one, death, divorce, maybe you got laid off from work after investing so much of you time, energy, wisdom, and ideas in the company.

Yes there are times when happiness feels so far away and not even in your vocabulary at the time.

I have had some of those seasons in my life. Oh yes, those are tough moments! Especially when someone come to you and says: 'It will be ok, I know what you are going through," and you feel like saying some 'not so happy things' to them, or you simply want to say 'You have no idea what I am going through!'.

Ok ok! This is when we take a deep breath, not an easy thing to do , but we choose to do it anyway. And, usually, we do not have to look too far to start counting our blessings.

Think of that person in hospital with a terminal disease - someone who never had an opportunity to live, as far as you and I have had.

Or how about someone who thought they will make it home from work to their family only to discover that their city has been consumed by an earthquake or flood, etc.

The list goes on and on, really. (Just watch the news, and you'll see for yourself.)

Yes, when we count our blessings is when we choose to be happy and grateful. So next time you question yourself and whether you need to be happy because everything looks gloomy and sad around you, I urge you to take a close look around - most likely the person next to you (next to you physically, or virtually via SMS or Facebook message) is waiting on you to put that ray of sunshine in them. Remember: you have no idea what they are going through!

Happiness is continuing to plant those seeds of happiness even when you feel like you are stuck in the winter season; Spring will come around soon towards you and even Summer . After all you planted that happy seed - you are bound to get some back. :-)

So go on and sip on your coffee - or drink some Tetley's Tea or maybe even an ice tea - and smile some more.

See, we are getting used to this. :-)

Yours, thankfully

Feel happy every day?

Is that even possible, Would you even want to? Well... Why not find out for yourself!

Feel happy every day!

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May 24, 2010
Inspirational, as ever!
by: Steve

Mercy offers inspirational advice and wisdom, as ever!

Thanks, Mercy

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