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Hempfling Video About Horse Play

by Filomena Ianni
(Yorkshire, England)

Be Yourself - A Video About Joy, Power, Nature, Healing and Horse Play.

This video under IT'S SIMPLE TO BE HAPPY is inspirational for my drum/rhythm work, and perhaps even more so it's an invitation to live an authentic (and thus 'happy') life.

So, what this video says to me...

Whenever I watch this video I feel shivers running along my back; I feel grateful, touched, affirmed, lifted and re-livened. The video tells me about coming back to life, after something -- circumstances, our history, choices dictated by fear and adaptations -- had taken us astray from who we really are, who we are meant to be, our authentic nature.

It tells me about 'being found' in the very place were we got lost, in authentic, undemanding, accepting contact which is in fact true love (at all levels) and liberating.

It tells me that nature has to be met where nature is, that the Wild cannot be coerced, suppressed, silenced, thwarted, without consequence - these often being that life is then obscured, blocked, and suffocated to death.

It tells me that we - any living being - cannot fully be, create, nourish and be nourished and grow and be ALIVE, without:
  • Coming back to ourselves
  • Joining, reconciling with and honouring the rhythm of nature and the call of the Wild
  • Opening up to, receiving and giving true, authentic, liberating loving CONTACT
  • Daring to embrace LIFE and dance with it.
This is true healing for me.

Filo Ianni

Even though this is not a standard happiness list, I've included Filo's thoughts here as, combined with the Hempfling video, they seem to be describing what one form of authentic happiness looks like. To me, anyway.

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Jun 29, 2010
Happiness give and take with man and horse
by: Anonymous

The idea of receiving happiness by giving it to a horse is fascinating. In any case, great contentment may be perceived by interacting with nature. I loved the contribution of video and article of this somehow different approach.

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