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Habits of Successful People

by Lisa Smith

Secrets of successful people vs unsuccessful people

What's the invisible dividing line between success and failure?

It's the line traced by your habits: successful people have contrasting habits from unsuccessful people, and you could end up in the right half of the world by aligning your habits with the secrets of success.

Habits of successful people #2

Planning for the future is essential for real success - to do lists, process tracking, long term approach towards project management, proactive efforts to overcome problems, everything contributes to the same idea.

Habits of successful people #2

Successful people feel a natural inclination to acknowledge the good work of other people, stay grounded, are eager to learn, and value their time immensely.

In utter contrast, habits like idling away your time, shirking from actions, indulging in blame games, spreading negativity, and giving up without investing your 100% are bound to sway you away from the currents of success

Habits of successful people #3

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