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To achieve great things in life you need to set goals

Whether it's setting personal goals or business goals or it's simply setting smart goals - a life of accomplishment begins with setting goals.

  • That's what Zig Ziglar says in his inspirational YouTube video on goals.
  • That's what Christine Kloser says in her article on goals.
  • And that's what I say, too, on this page - includes tips and goal quotes...

And then all that you have to do is get involved and tell us what you think!

Setting Goals

What the Self Help Collective says...

Well, this is what you'll find on the Self Help Collective website - all about the wonderful world of goals, as edited by me:



S-M-A-R-T... Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based. Find article/video by Arina Nikitina that explains more...
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These tips will help you with setting career goals or personal goals. Includes YouTube video on goal-setting by Ryan Celestain....
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These famous goal quotes are a great place to start your goals! Find quotes from Ted Turner, Zig Ziglar, Mark Victor Hansen...
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(What else should we cover?
Let us know! )




(What else should we cover?
Let us know! )




What I say...

I don't care who you are, where you've been, and what you've already done in life there are still things that you want to achieve in this life. Am I right? (You betta be nodding!) And it all begins, formally or informally, with goal setting.

So whether you want to develop your (psychotherapy) business in new and different ways. Whether you want to get back to being fit and healthy (like I do). Or whether you have other personal goal setting or work goal ambitions - it all begins with setting G-O-A-L-S.

Now you can learn about setting SMART goals if you want.

Or you can read about other tips on goals.

However you want to convert your desires for a better, improved life of growth, make sure you write goals.
(If you write your goals, then I'll give you a book of inspirational quotes about setting goals as 'reward', by the way.)

Oh, and if you listen to what Denis Waitley has to say about goal setting you'll be on the right path too. Denis says...

"Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future,
and live in the only moment of time over which you
have any control: now."

(Read more goal quotes here!)



What Zig Ziglar (on YouTube) has to say...

Zig Ziglar Setting Goals 1 of 3

Zig Ziglar is an inspirational speaker and self-help author. And this short video on goal setting tips is typically inspirational, as well as funny.

Zig explains his goal-setting technique thus: "I wrote down the objective. I wrote down the time. I identified the obstacles. I wrote down the people/groups/organisations I needed to work with. I devised a plan of action. I spelled out what I needed to know. And I answered the question: 'What's in it for me?'"

I guess the only thing Zig doesn't talk about is the importance of visualization or seeing the goal in your mind's eye. But it's still a really helpful video, whether it's personal or work goals that's important to you...


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