"Stories" from the Collective (YOU)

Getting My MOJO Back

by Janet Stead

Having been a confident young person, setting up a successful business at the age of 26, I would not have envisaged what was heading my way.

My then husband found my strength and resourcefulness too much to bear and went from psychological abuse to that of violence, which I endured for 12 years until I felt if I didn't get away, I would not survive the experience.

I left the company taking my daughter with me and the confidence I had before began to slip away and I found myself going from job to job and dealing with health problems.

That was over 20 years ago and although the going was tough, I got through it, although sometimes I wondered how.

I am now a lifestyle and wellbeing coach, who also carries out recovery training.

If anyone had asked me whether I would have ended up in this career, I would have laughed but without the experience, I have had, I would not have been able to work so passionately with others to show them there is a light in the darkness if you only choose to follow it

- Janet

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