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Find Happiness... INSIDE!

by Rose Tol
(Perth, Australia)

It's Not on the Outside! It's on the Inside...

Steve, you asked "What else to cover in Self Improvement?" Well, for my self the most important realization and information that made all the difference on my journey to better myself was to discover that it is truly not on the outside but on the inside.

What I am desiring, wishing, looking for is on the inside. It really took a lot of searching and trial and error before I really got this.

The first stage for me was: What does that mean?

I could not really grasp it. Then the world of meditation started to open up to me and I started to realize that I had an ego and a true self. and there was some kind of battle going on between these two.

In the second stage when I was told: It is on the inside not on the outside, I commented. Yes of course, I know. This was only the beginning of starting to realize the power of knowing this to be the truth. Yes, I had realized this in my mind, I understood so to speak. But did I really understand? Clearly I was lacking self-realization.

Only years later, after much more searching, lots of mistakes and falling down over and over I came to realize deeply that the main component of the root of my personal suffering was: I was looking for what I wanted on the outside... while it was always waiting there for me on the inside. This moment of truly deeply realizing this changed my life. I could not believe it that this was it, as I found about this and 'knew' this so many years ago. Now I learned that 'knowing' something from the mind and being self-realized in something are two completely different things.

One way this changed my life is I now took on meditation as a more serious practice that I want to make time for everyday. You see just the mere act of sitting down for meditation and going within has one start looking on the inside and leaving the outside behind. Since daily meditation, my life is so much richer and fulfilling and the speed of self development and improvement is so much faster and smoother. Meditation makes the journey for me much more a joyful experience. I am able to get to the truth fast and can connect firmly to the courage, inner strength, humility and then act moving forward positively and be the change I wish to see in the world.

Thanks for reading my story. I hope it might inspire some.

I facilitate meditations at http://www.r-i-lifecoaching.com

If you like I would love you to come visit!

Good luck on your journey...

Rose, another happy SBI'er!
(From R&I Lifecoaching)

Me too, Rose! I'm starting to realise that the world works from the Inside Out, so to speak, and I'm starting to realise that nothing is broken, and nothing needs fixing. I just need to let go of my thinking, to not take it all so personally.

I'm actually doing an online course, right now, called Living From The Inside Out by Michael Neill that discusses this, and more. It's a fabulous conversation to be a part of. And your contribution, above, is a timely addition! Thank you! :-)


PS Rose, I've actually visited one SBIer in Melbourne (in 2011), so you never know - I may well visit you too!

PPS To everyone else, SBI! is the software service I used to create SelfHelpCollective.com. I recommend it to anyone wanting to transform their life (as explained on this SBI self improvement page!)

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