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Fear of Not Having Enough

by Kyla Blairs
(Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia)

Fear is such an incredible subject, isn't it?

When you think about it as simply energy, yet, until we experience this truth, we tend to run from fear.

It has been through entering the path of self enquiry that I began to meet my fears as they rise.

I remember when a very persistent fear rose in the middle of the night. The fear was an old one, the fear of not having enough money to meet all of my families needs and commitments.

I awoke to the sensation that I can only liken to having a baby elephant sitting on my chest, with an intense desire to escape. Thankfully I could see the opportunity to meet with this old persistent fear, face to face.

When I stopped completely and remained still, observing the energy moving through my body, observing my mind wanting to escape and allowed myself to emerge into the fear, rather than escaping it, something beautiful unfolded.

It simply amazed me how fear dissipated, and what moments before had seemed so restricting suddenly became expansive, yet spacious and peaceful. I realised in that moment that the saying that "Our greatest fear, is fear itself" is so very true.


Thanks, Kyla for sharing your experience of overcoming fear, here - it's incredible!

And to everybody else reading, you can read more about Kyla's experiences of overcoming fear at her blog called Beforeglow

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Aug 01, 2012
My fear experiences
by: Steve

I've been reading materials from several un-related sources that talk about what you describe here, Kyla...

  • The Sedona Method - All about welcoming the present moment feeling, and - if possible - letting it go. Very powerful processes that more or less mimic the process you discovered for yourself

  • Authentic Man Program
  • - a series of DVDs aimed at helping men understand how fear grips (and lessens) them in their experiences of women. Again, they talk about welcoming what you feel in the moment, knowing it and owning it, and continuing your interraction from that place

Personally, I love it when different materials I'm reading end up talking about the same things...


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