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Fear of Flying (Program)

by Alan Keane
(Dublin, Ireland)

Hi Steve,

Many years ago I was required to fly fairly regularly as part of my job. I was gripped by fear and vowed to try to overcome my problem.

Everyone knows that flying is the safest form of travel but the fear still remains. I found that the more I learned about the process and mechanics of flying, the more my fear subsided. I no longer fear takeoffs, turbulence or landings.

So i decided to spread the word to help the thousands of people who suffer anxiety when flying. I approached a friend of mine John Leahy who retired as a chief pilot with British Airways and asked him to write the definitive guide to help nervous flyers.

We ended up with a 43 minute professionally narrated and recorded program called Flight Coach. It has already helped many passengers combat their fears. The book or audio download covers every possible concern you can think of and if you have any questions not answered, you can email John directly.

The program is available on iTunes and iBooks plus Barnes & Noble. For more info please visit our website FlightCoach.com I hope the knowledge you will get achieves the same freedom from fear that it did for me.

Thank you for reading this. Best wishes, Alan Keane

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Jun 30, 2015
Action takes away fear
by: Anonymous

What a brilliant idea
Perhaps playing with a flight simulator may also help.

When I was young I was often diving off a tower into a deep pool. Occasionally, I hit the board when jumping backwards from the 3 meter height. The only medicine to overcome fear in that case is to go right up onto the tower and do it again. Even when you bleed a little or when you are hurting.


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