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Dwana's Inspirational Story

by Dwana
(Chicago, IL, USA)

Dwana from Houseonahill.org creates her very own inspirational story in this interview. She shares her favorite inspirational life quote (kind of), taken from The Color Purple film; she shares some inspirational books that have meant a lot to her; and she shares her spirit and zest for life that shines brightly inside of her for all to see.

This is Dwana's inspirational story...

1) Tell us a bit about yourself

Steve, I am a 20-year law enforcement officer for the second largest county in the U.S. I am where I am today by grace and faith!

I worked my way through undergrad and graduate school while raising two wonderful little boys as a single mom.

There was quite a bit of "self-help" going on during that time! Mainly the bible, Marianne Williamson; lately Ayaan Hirsi Ali's "Infidel" and "Kite Runner" by Khaled Husseini.

In the next 5 years I hope to have gleefully watched my children graduate and pursue endeavors that bring them peace and happiness, have my student loans paid down enough to start a doctorate program in criminology/law enforcement, and be living somewhere warm by the sea.

2) Share an 'angry' story or tell us what's in your happiness

What is happiness, to me? Life makes me happy. When I wake up and everyone I know and love wakes up ~ That is JOY!

3) Share a favourite inspirational quotation.

I really don't have a favorite inspirational life quote...but I do often recite "The Color Purple Movie" quotes:

"Til you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna' fail!"

Love that movie!

4) Share a favourite website (not your own)

As for a favorite website, well I genuinely LOVE ALL of the websites I visit, Steve, I could not single just one. Though I am a New Orleans decedent and read www.Nola.com daily; it makes me feel closer to my ancestors.

5) Tell us about your blog/website

Blog: House on a Hill
Website: www.HealthierHappierHouseonahill.org

As I mentioned, I am a 20-year government worker who really went to school for Liberal Arts! The writer and artist in me was closeted to pursue law enforcement, which at the time, was exciting to me.

After 18 years, I could no longer contain my passions and unleashed myself to the blogosphere. I started out keeping an online journal, focusing on my path to a healthier, and ultimately vegan, lifestyle. My pursuits and networking morphed into meeting incredible people, such as yourself, who I just had to learn more about!

I hope that my site, which I liken to a home or a house, will be a safe place for artists and causes to be highlighted and promoted.

It warms my heart and soul when I can tap into someone's passion and share it with the world.

Thanks Steve, you are the first (and probably last) person to get anything out of me! I am UBER shy, but thank you!!

~~ Dwana

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Sep 20, 2009
Dwana's Inspiration
by: Anonymous

Great story. Thanks!!

Sep 17, 2009
Great Interview - thanks
by: Caroline

Thank you Dwana (and Steve) for sharing your story :-)
Great web site too.

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