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Discovering Myself

by Andy B
(Leeds, UK)

Andy's inspirational story is ongoing, but it involves breakdowns, long-term unemployment, and a loss of faith in mainstream religions, as well as a truer understanding that being true to yourself is all-important...

STORY THEME: Self-teaching

Discovering Myself...

I spent about 15 years in religion, holding the Christian faith dear (most of the time). My second breakdown in 2006 changed all that, and after going through hell on earth for six months, I discovered an internet support site for ex-Christians which was just what I needed.

After recovering from my breakdown and going back to work, I made a significant decision to move from my hometown of Poole and relocate to the north - eventually I chose Leeds (in West Yorkshire, England) :)

I had no interest in God for a little bit, but I did start to get into the self-help movement in 2007 - and I got sucked in to the prosperity teachings which seem to promise that you can make good money if you just believe and follow your dream.

However, it wasn't that simple. I made some bad decisions and probably subconsciously I was expecting to fail. I ended up, amongst other things, doing a lot of temporary jobs and eventually found myself long term unemployed in a recession. It's not easy bouncing back from that - I do a bit of casual work and am currently awaiting the outcome of an interview I had two weeks ago, but nothing much on the work front as yet.

But these events have helped me discover my true spiritual side.

I decided that the self help mainstream material wasn't really me and I discovered Eckhart Tolle's books last year - and am so grateful I did. Discovering new concepts of God outside of mainstream religion has been interesting and refreshing. I am learning what is real for me - and we are all different; I am so glad to have discovered a new form of spirituality having come out of religion - and I am committed to being my authentic self.

Love and blessings


Comments for Discovering Myself

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Jun 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have got a new job now .. things are looking up :)

PS This is Andy speaking not Anonymous (oops!)

May 08, 2011
by: Andy B

I also get to rate my article .. has to be 5 stars ;-P

Latest news if you read this is that I am starting a 'work trial' tomorrow (May 9th) which hopefully will lead to a job offer in the next two weeks. Will keep you updated :-)

Apr 26, 2011
Thanks for sharing, Andy
by: Steve

Thanks for sharing part of your story so far, Andy.

Wish you well with changing your employment situation, and with discovering more of your authentic self too.


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