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"Exercising several times a week can improve your health and positive attitude..."

  • That's more or less what Gary Miller says about creating a positive attitude and keeping it.

  • It all starts with a plan, too.

And Gary should know, apparently he once lost $millions because of a lifetime of negative thinking. Ouch! (I'm hoping that he managed to get it back again otherwise "we're all doomed!".)

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Developing a Positive Mental Attitude

What I say...

Gary Miller's 'positive mental attitude' wisdom (that I share in the YouTube video below) talks about creating a plan, and setting goals, and then monitoring results. Above all it's about using your mind (and exercising your body helps too).

Gary discusses developing a positive mental attitude - the things you could do each day to achieve this. As I said, it all starts with a plan - to develop positive attitude, that is. "It just takes a little common effort and some perseverance and you will find that your attitude will change at dramatic levels..."

So, exercise is important! It improves confidence and makes you more attractive and, inevitably, the old self esteem is boosted too.

This is a positive attitude tip with a win, win, win scenario if ever there was one.

How do *I* develop a positive attitude?

Okay, firstly I recognise that my life will improve if I create a positive attitude for myself, and secondly I then try to notice my attitude - positive and negative - and I try to choose to be positive as much as possible.

(It's still a work in progress, believe me. It has helped to seek out online education, too - either free courses or even paid ones, sometimes. )

And you? How do you maintain a positive attitude? Please let us know. Now over to Gary...


What Gary Miller has to say...

NOTE: Gary's website is

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