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I am a big fan of daily quotes, I am.
  • I have found several websites and ezines (email newsletters) that provide you with a great daily dosage of wisdom.

  • Plus, you'll find a daily quote provided by SelfHelpCollective.com.

  • And, in keeping with all good daily quotes, this quotations page will be short and sweet. Okay, let's get ready for our daily intake...

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Quotations Every Day - Free Inspirational Quotes

What SelfHelpCollective.com says...

The inspirational daily quote for today, , is...


Daily inspirational quotes - What I say...

Okay, here is a list of the best free daily quotes websites or ezines. In my humble opinion, of course - please feel free to tell me what you think of these daily inspirational quotations!

Here we go then - some inspirational newsletters:

  • A Course In Miracles Daily Emails (delivered by Chris Cade)

    This is the course that Oprah herself has talked about on her show, and Mr Eckhart Tolle describes it as a piece of work that takes the person from where they are (lost in thought) and leads them into presence.

    Well, Chris Cade has set up a free service which will email you a daily lesson from the Workbook for Students each day, starting from the introduction and going all the way to the end of the course. Not bad, eh!

    My verdict: Recommended reading!

  • DailyInspirationalQuotes.in

    Comprehensive, Google-friendly website containing daily quotes with images and all. Get lost in today's quote, or yesterdays or the day before thats...

    Here's todays quote at time of updating (Jan 27th, 2018): "Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting." -- Unknown.

    (Actually, these quotes are not really quotes, they're more wise words (sayings) added by the author, it seems.)

    My verdict: an okay, but quotes are more sayings

  • Goal-Setting-Guide.com
    Arina's Quote of the Day delivers motivational quotes in a very short email every morning. Short and sweet, Arina Nikitina's email really does help you start your day in a positive frame of mind. Arina supports the free service by advertising relevant products, in each email.

    My daily inspirational quotes verdict: a favourite (but no longer subscribe)

  • QuotationsPage.com
    The Quotations Page website provides daily quotes for each and every day.

    My verdict: Great, if you like that sort of thing!

  • SelfGrowth.com
    The Daily Motivational Quote Newsletter is available from David Riklan's very popular self-help website, SelfGrowth.com. I'm not a subscriber, but I include it as David's website (and mailing lists) are very popular indeed! I subscribe to his main newsletter and David knows his stuff (and how to make money from that knowledge - ahem!).

    My verdict: Can't comment, really.


And, finally, it would be remiss of me not to mention...

  • Self Help Collective's Weekly Wonder (Ahem!)
    The Weekly Wonder (and Monthly Marvel) offers you a short and sweet inspirational quotation every week, followed by an also short 'What I Wonder' thought, often based on the quotation. And that's it, really - once a week. (Format based on Arina's highly successful Quote of the Day - see below.)

    My verdict: my favourite weekly newsletter! Ahem!