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Confusing Relationship Signals...

by Molly
(Seattle Wa, USA)

I've been hanging out with this guy for some time now, and I really enjoy his company, really like him. I think he likes me too - we even kiss. But when I ask him about us, he tells me he doesn't want to commit. So, I want to know what we are...

QUESTION: What Does He Want?

MORE FROM Molly...

How do I know what he wants: a relationship or friendship?

We met in the summer and would always text and hung out a couple times and when we did he would kiss me goodbye. Then we stopped talking for a while.

A couple of months ago I got a job at the same place as him. We always work the same shift and he always flirts with me. He also gets so jealous when I talk to any guy customers. He will jump in the conversation, glare over, or give me a hard time about it.

Everyone thinks he likes me because of how jealous and protective he is.

A couple weeks ago we went to a party together and made out. I figured it was nothing more than us both being under the influence and just let it go.

Then the next day I was helping him with something and he kissed me sober. He didn't say anything to me later, or talk about it.

We went to a party together the past two weekends and the last time we hooked up. Now he is acting like nothing even happened and he still flirts and gets jealous. I asked a mutual friend what he thinks and he said he likes me but doesn't want to commit and is nervous because our boss is my dad, as well.

He acts like he likes me. Everyone thinks he does. We kiss and act like a couple but never text or hangout and when I asked what we were he said he doesn't Know.

What am I suppose to think?

Are we friends?

Or are we more?...


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