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Compulsion to Please

I have a compulsion to please...

My low self esteem signs include my desire to please and impress people all the time. I feel that if I'm not giving or doing for someone then I'm just so inadequate and no one will bother with me.

Other symptoms of low self esteem include the fact that I find it hard to relax and just be myself, be casual. And, I can be a perfectionist too!
Yes, being 'casual' is such hard work for me.

That's why I practice what to say to people, what to do etc. Then when I'm in a situation I try so hard to make it look casual and natural - but it's hard work.

As I said, I'm a perfectionist and I know I do a good job at impressing others.

However, I am still not accepted or won't be included in anything unless I try soooooo hard.

Yours, unhappily

A New Way of Seeing Self-Esteem?

Steve here, and for the last few years (since Oct 2012, actually) I've been seeing (and thinking about) low self-esteem in a different way. Not as a problem to fix, but as feedback to notice (and nothing more). That's right: nothing to fix, everything to notice. And all this became obvious to me after being introduced to the Three Principles behind life (in Oct 2012).

I created a free 1-page Self-Esteem Guide that explains more, anyway. You can read about it here (NO EMAIL REQUIRED) - SMNash.com/self-esteem-guide/

Thank you - Steve



Comments for Compulsion to Please

Feb 01, 2014
Self and Low Self Esteem
by: Anonymous

count how many times a commentator uses 'I' ,'me' and 'my before you accept on face value that they are suffering and not just seeking attention.

Apr 06, 2010
Classic Low Self Esteem Symptoms
by: Steve

Hmm, it's so interesting to read these symptoms of low self esteem. They all seem to add up this: caring about what others think too much!

And this way of thinking is very hard to break out of.

Thanks for sharing this.

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