Common New Year Resolutions #8: Learn Something New

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"Oh, if I only had time..."
  • This is a famous song lyric sung by golden-voiced John Rowles. And it's the biggest excuse known to man (or woman) for why new year resolutions aren't completed.

  • Because it's a well known fact that ever since decimalisation in the 70s there has been less time available. (Yes, we went from having 1440 minutes per day to only having 24 hours per day! And in the good ol' days they had 86,400 seconds to play with. I blame inflation...)

Seriously, time is an issue for many people. Especially those that don't have enough of it. And those types will do anything - like reading half-amusing pages about common new year resolutions - than face up to the truth, which is (see below)...


New year resolutions 08:

"I'm going to LEARN SOMETHING NEW..."

Learn something new - one of the common new year resolutions

"Education is the best provision for old age."


But first, here's links to 2 resources that can help you DO your resolutions this year (for a change)

  1. Information on self-sabotage - that's usually where the problem is
  2. Self-hypnosis & keeping new year resolutions - an easy way to reprogram old thoughts, and lose old habits in the process...



Top 10 New Year Resolutions - 08: Learn Something New

Common new year resolutions - what YOU REALLY say...

Learn something new, eh! Of all the common new year resolutions, this is the one that most (!) makes me want to say... "OH - NO - YOU'RE - NOT!..."

INSTEAD, you're going to do the following when it comes to failing with this common new year resolution:

  1. You're going to check out all the night school syllabuses, do lots of adult education research, and even get curious about one of those 'new age fitness classes' (like Pilates or Tai Chi).

    And then, when you've tired yourself out with all that research, you're going to realise that you can't really fit anything in on a Monday. Tuesday's out (obviously!). And you can hardly join a class on Friday (the horror!). Which leaves only Weds and Thurs and you don't really fancy the classes available on those days.

    Yep, all that work only to realise you don't have the time! Hey ho! (There's always next year's syllabuses to check out I guess!)

No? Prove me wrong, lady or gentleman reader, prove me wrong...


But, if you ARE serious - because this year, it WILL be different (yeah, right!) - then can I politely suggest that you check out the following resources:

  1. Read about the issue of personal development.

    Why so? Well, once you start to take your development seriously, then you will be much more likely to take your continued education more seriously too. That, and the fact that not many people visit the personal development page and I could do with it getting a few more hits! ;-)

  2. Consider this advice: VISIT THIS WEBSITE

    Similarly, and even if you're completely and utterly not interested in creating your very own successful online business (where you feel both satisfied in helping others, via sharing your passion or interest, and in earning an extra income), I still want you to visit my free guide to Solo Build It! (formerly Site Build It!) ( ). I didn't create this site so nobody would visit it, after all! Hee hee.

    Or you could learn a language - an equally challenging way of stretching yourself, and allowing you to connect with others from around the world!

  3. Watch this Lemon Jelly music video

    Actually, if you don't have the time then maybe watching this Lemon Jelly ('68 aka Only Time) video might not be what you should be doing right now. I'll watch it instead. I love Lemon Jelly's electronica sound, after all, and there's a sample of "If I only had time" included too. Ah, bliss...



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