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"Oh I hate my job, I really do!..."
  • I know you do. That boss of yours sure is a dog to work for. And then there's that commute. And some of your work colleagues, sheesh!...
  • Ah, but then there's the wage - ya can't do without that! Then there's your position in the company, your status, hmm always good to tell people what you do at parties isn't it! Then there's the economic situation, now might not be a good time to make that move.

Yeah, I'll tell everyone I'm moving jobs - it is one of the most common new year resolutions, after all - and then I'll make up some excuse, as we get into February and March etc....

New year resolutions 07:

"I'm going to FIND A BETTER JOB..."

Enjoying your job is important -- isn't it?

"Without work, all life goes rotten.
But when work is soulless, life stifles and dies."

—Albert Camus


But first, here's links to 2 resources that can help you DO your resolutions this year (for a change)

  1. Self-sabotage - as that can be where the problem lies
  2. Self-hypnosis & keeping new year resolutions - Hypnosis Downloads


Top 10 New Year Resolutions - 07: Find Better Job

Common new year resolutions - what YOU REALLY say...

Get a better job? Ah, that's funny too. I'm surprised we're not reading one of Albert's funny inspirational quotes (see below) rather than this rather dry inspirational life quote of his. But, seriously, and in direct response to one of the most common new year resolutions,... "OH - NO - YOU'RE - NOT!..."

INSTEAD, you're going to do the following:

  1. You're going to carry on commuting - spending hours and days and weeks of your life driving to and from work, because the money / status / responsibility IS more important than actually liking your job, and WANTING to go to work on a Monday, isn't it? (Nobody really loves their job, after all, and if they say they do then they're just full of BS!)

  2. You're going to carry on working too hard - spending hours and days and weeks of your life at work, rather at home and relaxing, because the money / status / responsibility IS more important than actually liking your job... (Are you spotting a pattern here?)

Hah! Prove me wrong, Ms "I Should Be Working Now, Rather Than Reading This Not-So-Funny Common New Year Resolutions Page"! Prove me wrong...


Yes, if you ARE serious - because this year, your work-life WILL be different (yeah, right!) - then can I politely suggest that you check out the following resources:

  1. Read about the issue of happiness.

    Sorry to be boring here, but is work making you happy? And if it isn't, then is happiness important enough for you to change that AT ANY COST? Or do you prefer to take the easy (and common) option of doin' nothing and bad-mouthing work (i.e. blaming somebody else for your troubles - tch!).

  2. Consider this advice: WORK FOR YOURSELF!

    Now there are lots of ways you can be your own boss, and work your own hours, and choose what you do and don't do for the majority of the day. You could be a virtual assistant, or a business coach or a freelance writer or even a dog walker... Or, like me, you could profit from your own website...

    Want to know how to profit from your own successful website? Click this 'Work At Home' link where you'll be bombarded with loads and loads of junk get-rich-quick scams one of which you're bound to fall for. (Just kidding - English sense of humour alert! The link will take you to SiteSell's SBI! - highly recommended by me, and many others.)



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