Common New Year Resolutions #6: Quit Smoking

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"Light me up?..."
  • Sure, I'll light you up - no worries! Just spare me the "I'm going to quit smoking next year" routine, because you and I both know that you're NOT going to quit, anytime soon...

Old habits die hard, especially old habits that just feeeeel sooooo goooood!

So let's you and I be honest here, just for a moment. You are NOT going to quit smoking even though you say you are in your new year resolution. You ain't got what it takes, as I'll prove to you if you carry on reading...


New year resolutions 06:

"I'm going to QUIT SMOKING..."

Quitting smoking is a very common new year resolution

"If people don’t love themselves enough to cut down on their smoking,
they may love someone else enough to do it."

—Anonymous smoker

(Another in the long line of inspirational quotations
trying to do its bit in support of your vain (?)
efforts towards these common new year resolutions.)


But first, here's links to 2 resources that can help you DO your resolutions this year (for a change)

  1. Information on self-sabotage - as that's usually where the problem lies
  2. Self-hypnosis & keeping new year resolutions - self-hypnosis helps reprogram your thinking, helps break old habits!



Top 10 New Year Resolutions - 06: Quit Smoking

Common new year resolutions - what YOU REALLY say...

Stop smoking? You? Not that ol' chestnut again! You crack me up, you really do. It really is far too easy to say my lines in this case, but if you insist... "OH - NO - YOU'RE - NOT!..."

INSTEAD, you're going to do the following:

  1. You're going to stop-start-stop-start-stop-start smoking. This is like quitting, but it is filled with lots of low-high-low-high-low-high moments of painful triumph followed by gloriously satisfying failure etc. that only serve to confirm that quitting smoking just isn't worth it!

  2. You're going to cut down... "Now I only smoke [x] ciggies per day", you say, "and it will be easy to stop completely. Just as soon as I get a new job / boyfriend (girlfriend) / feel happier about life... then I'll stop!" (Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho...)

Hah, hah, hah...! Prove me wrong, why don't ya! Prove me wrong...


Yes, if you ARE serious - because this year, it WILL be different (yeah, right!) - then can I politely suggest that you check out the following (common new year resolutions) resources:

  1. Read about the issue of self sabotage.

    Do you REALLY want to quit smoking, or is this somebody else wants for you? Is the gain you get from smoking worth the cost for you? And if you're still convinced that you DO want to QUIT smoking, then take a long hard look at why you're struggling to do so, year in and year out. (It's called self sabotage. And, yes, it does sound a nasty business!)

  2. Consider this advice: USE SELF-HYPNOSIS
    Self-hypnosis is a safe form of 'self-healing' - a kind of reprogramming of your subconscious thoughts, via a state of focussed attention. Hypnotherapy is approved for use by professionally responsible individuals. And the British Medical Association agrees.

    One such recommended resource for self-hypnosis is Hypnosis - I suggest you check out their Quit Smoking download



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